Luther Vandross - How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (featuring Dionne Warwick) Lyrics

Here we are so close to the end now
Still holding on we try and pretend now
Clinging to love we both know is dying
We've tried and tried to find us a way out
But darling our dreams have now all been played out
Still we go on hopelessly trying

But how many times can we say goodbye
Hos many times can we see love die
How many times can we give it one more try
Before we really say goodbye

We're so in love but wrong for each other
Each hurt that heals brings on another
Both of us used and both of us using
Darling it's time that we stop pretending
There's just no way to rewrite our ending
We're caught in this game
And we know we're both losing

Repeat Chorus

How many times can we break up and make up
Both of our hearts refusing to wake up
Just can't go on and on living a lie
Though I'll always love you

Repeat Chorus and Fade

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