Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz - Deja Vu (featuring Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz) Lyrics

(Peter Gunz)

New York to the heart, but got love for all
Lie and die in the fire, where I learned to ball
Uptown is the place where I lay my dome
On the streets of the Bronx where my fa-mi-ly roam
Hoe damn it, we home, Peter got a nine millimeter
Playa haters can feel the flame from my heater
I never really liked to play a fool like that
But I love to succeed and see foes fall flat
Splat, like Deja Vu
And I got another clip that'll daze y'all crew
I sip Cristal, Dom P, Mo' with pist-al
Just cause I'm pissy, don't mean you should misdoubt
Keep em near da fifties and, hundreds all arranged
Anything less than that, you keep the change
Not filthy rich, but bitch I'm barely broke
Blessed with flows that keep you hooked like dope
Friends call me Gunz, sons call me trife
Cause I'm quick to slide off and slide this dick up in your wife
And that's life, you should learn how to treat her
I guarantee Peter, knows how to eat her
And beat her, niggaz in the Bronx call me Lex
Cause I push a Lex, and I rock a Rolex
And I lounge on Lex', and I love sex
And I wave techs on sets that be tryin to flex
Like Dex, nigga God rest your soul
But when you're playin cards for Gunz, it ain't time to fold, ho

Chorus: Peter Gunz, Lord Tariq (two parts)

(Peter Gunz)

New York n***az got crazy game
But outta town n***az is all the same
Brooklyn n***az get crazy loot
That's because when it's beef they ain't scared to shoot
Harlem n***az know how to play
Mack the 600, gettin crazy pay
N***az outta Queens got shit on lock
Strapped with the glock, runnin up in yo' spot

(Lord Tariq)

But if it wasn't for the Bronx
This rap shit probably never would be going on
So tell me where you from?
PG: Uptown baby, uptown baby
PG: We gets down baby, up for the crown baby
(Repeat 2x)

(Lord Tariq)

Yo, the RM-80, is parked in the lot
Right next to the Mercedes, keep the heat cocked
For these blocks that are shady, you're crazy if you walk around thinking shit's gravy; stop me? Maybe
I'm livin life lawless, makin big investments
On them 8-class flawless, and hoes call us
I'm comfortable like Ri-carro, two quarters of my life
Walkin' roads type narrow, deep thoughts which I abide by
Puffin' high, got my mind's eye, points sharper
Than an arrow gettin' high, keep your eye on the sparrow
Riches like the pharoahe, bought a new five
With the snitches for these h***, trunk full of ammo
Keep my toast closer than most n***az keep they own shadow and I strap for my foes like a saddle
I rock stones, other n***az rock gravel
Talk shit? Whatever have you, I'm from Soundview
Bronx most wanted, front get confronted
Playa, we rollin deep in the one point five hundreds
Like Big I., red eyed, mad blunted
You step outside and get blooded have your whole block flooded with the Bronx it's a warnin, stormin' guns out
From, Dusk Til Dawn and it's on, no doubt
Keep a eye on yo' b**** when I'm roamin about
And put a eye on yo' lip n****, watch yo' mouth
I'm from the Bronx, wipe yo' feet when you step in my house
Cause youse a small-time n****, bout a half an ounce now


Outro: Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz

Uh, Peter Gunz like what
Uh, The Lord Tariq is like what
Uh, Soundview like what
Uh, one-seventy-fourth like what
Uh, Money Boss like what
Uh, The Gun Runners like what
Uh, and KNS like what
Uh, and Uptown like what

Shao-lin, play, play on
Strong Isle, play play on and a
Mt. Vern, play play on
And Yonkers, play play on and a
Puttin' it down for N.Y. ya know what I mean
N.Y. and world wide

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