Lloyd - Hey Young Girl Lyrics

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Verse 1

Hey young girl how you feelin today
Girl Yo body just brighten my day up
See you have now been approached by a playa
But baby I won't play ya, lets have a conversation
Like, Iz you in school baby
What is your major
Shawty give me yo number
Cuz I'm dyin to date ya
Ain't got alot of time so I ain't tryin' to chase ya
Just store it in the memory of my 3 way pager (Oooh)


Adernaline rush like whoo
Can't explain what I wanna do to ya
I need some vegetable stew
Cuz shawty Got me feelin' weak


Hey young Girl
Hey young girl
Young girl young girl
Young gi-i-i-i-irl (2x)

Verse 2

Now rollin' wit me
Believe these guls gon hate ya
See they just jealous cuz they know ima lace cha
Wit cosy clothes
Made sweet as mary Kay
Made of oly straight from Montego bay
Girl you might make me wanna change religions
Just As long as you ain't no pigeon
Shawty we could be country livin'
Funktified lets keep it deep fried like dat

Pre chorus

Chorus 2x

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