Laura Bryna - Hometown Heroes Lyrics

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It's a cold November Friday night, football's in the air
It's the big game that decides braggin' rights all year
Fourth and nine in overtime, listen to the crowd
Jones drops back, there's the pass, Smith pulls it in


Hometown heroes, you know who they are
Small town dreamers born with big time hearts
Ready for the moment, always there to save the day
Hometown heroes all across the USA


Just as quick as lightning strikes, the funnel cloud touched down

It's path of devastation ran right through that country town
And in the rain the people came to lend a helping hand
As flood lights shined through the night, miracles began

Repeat chorus


Through the course of two World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam
From the deserts in Irag to the mountains of Afghanistan
They're watchin' over this great land

Repeat chorus

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