Larry Gatlin - Denver (featuring Gatlin Brothers Band) Lyrics

We pulled into Denver
As the sun was lightin' up the Rockies
Checked into a cheap hotel & fell asleep
Holdin' each other close
We just knew in our hearts
This had to be a new beginning
Well I guess it goes to show you
Just how li'l some people know


The first year in Denver
We we're as happy as we could be
The good times I remember
We loved & heard, heard lovin' free
But then she dropped me in Denver
So I know I had at least a mile to fall
Is there life after Denver?
Is there life after Colorado at all?

I crawled out of Denver
Moved a little higher in the rockies
Decided I would try my hand pickin' up
The pieces that she left
Lord, it didn't take long to realize
That higher ain't always better
And it's awful cold & lonely
When you're king of the mountain all by yourself


Lord, is there life after Denver?
Is there life after lovin' her at all?

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