Kingsmen - Killer Joe Lyrics

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Well, look at Killer Joe go
He's dancing with Marie
Ah, he don't act like he knows
That she belongs to me


Look at how they wobble
Well, he's the best in town
I think I'm in trouble
She forget that I'm around

Well I'm so jealous
Hey help me fellas
Go on and tell her
Log on to kill this message
She can only dance with me

Look at Killer Joe go (Hey, hey)
He's holding her so tight (Hey hey)
He's putting on a big show
With my Marie tonight

Well make it funky
Hey Hey Hey Hey

Well I'm so jealous
Well help me fellas
Go on and tell her
She can only dance with me

You know someone better tell her
She's not alone
Just because he dance good
That don't mean he take her home

Yeah Look at Killer Joe
Watch him go
It makes me feel so bad
My girl's with him

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