Kinfolk Kia Shine - Krispy Lyrics

(whisper voice)

I'm so krispy
I'm so krispy
I'm so krispy
I'm so krispy
I'm so krispy
I'm so krispy

I'm so krispy
I'm so krispy
My jeans 900, shoes 850
I'm so krispy
I'm so krispy
My ice game, make you hataz wanna get me
I'm so krispy
I'm so krispy
I shine so hard that you broads caint miss me (miss me)
I'm so krispy
I'm so krispy
When it comes to being fly, you caint f*** with me (with me)
(Verse 1)

Dreads hangin' long down in Mephis on my grizzy
Gone for a second, now I'm back did yu miss me
You can find me in the club, but my name ain't 50
Kinfolk kin shine

Look its not a game with me(n****)
Been broke kinfolk
Now I pop chris
You would do tha same thang
If you knew my history
Hataz seen my chanpaine, now they wanna get me
This ain't dude they called dusty
Then vip krispy

Ice game, right maine,got yo wife choosin
Kinfolk jones, look my life is a movie
You would say the same thang
Probably if you knew me
I'm 'bouta hit tha dance floor watch
My song on, excuse me

(Verse 2)

Brown Louis loffers
With tha Louis belt buckle
My style universal
They gonna have ta ship me double
Respect my fits
Come ta clothes, I'm da maine
Shawty I'm da reason why yu wearin stunna frames
Respect my grind, shit I be errywhere
I'm through buyin' bapes, cuz i got erry pair
I ain't a trappa rappa, still a G from tha hood
That grey china wall, I spent a G on da hood
I got them year-up windows that come ina bucket
A half mill on yo jeans son
I don't care n****, f*** it
You n****s hatin, if yu say I'm not fly
Extra krispy like a 2 piece outta popeyes


My hair line krispy like a stepped out tha chair
Da kush got me feelin' like I stepped out tha air
I keep these bodies long
Money long as my hair (aye)
Watch yo step jones, these 900 a pair
(damn kinfolk, man yo shoes supa hot)
I call'em traffic jam, people see 'em and they stop
Check tha dictionary, I'm tha fly definition
Stones so clear, they in High-Definition(bling)
Took 20 stacks got a track from play-in-skills
But I ain't mad at em, cuz universal pay da bills
(oh sick cuz yo chick ),

Now its time for me to rock it
And my release gone be bigga, like tha day they let pac out


I stay outta town but I'm so tru to Mephis
Head harty top, with tha new tru religions
Chain on my wallet and my shoes iz rediculious
Whoeva did yo woredrobe, you dudes look rediculious
Polo playa, dv's, zoo aditic
LeCoste don't make it if ya boy ain't gat it
Tennis shoe fanatic, I'm tha traffic jam rocka
Closet full of shoes, you caint find at footlocker
Lemme talk about where I live, cuz yu kno I dress fly
Smash I'm my crib like I stay in Best Buy
I even flip stlyes, like I flip hot cars
Look how I fliped to prep, to rapper, to rockstar


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