Kimaya Seward - Two Hearts One Love (featuring Monte Seward) Lyrics

They say that love is blind
You must have read my mind
'Cause you're the only who's ever seen
The part of me I've only dreamed
Together feels so right
The two of us are so alike
This must be destiny
You and I are meant to be

Two hearts, one love
A love that's deeper than the night
A love forever burning bright
Two hearts, one dream
A dream that's coming true for us
'Cause baby here we are
Now you're part of me
We're in one love with these two hearts

Though you've been loved before
I promise even more
And as the years go by
We'll find the way
To reach forever day by day
I didn't know til now
You're the one thing I can't do without
In your arms the whole night through
I can't help lose myself in you

Repeat chorus

I know that heaven was listening
'Cause I was only existing
Til I saw forever in your eyes
And now we'll be for all our lives

Repeat chorus

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