Keith Sweat - Freak Me Lyrics

C'mon (5x)
(You wanna do this again?)
Uh huh, Uh Huh
(You sure?)
Uh huh, Uh huh
Keep it right there, yeah
A lime to a lemon, a lemon to a lime
C'mon baby, you gotta gimme mine
Whatever I do, I'm garaunteed to shine
I wanna see if your pony is genuine
(Better ride it right, Hi-ho silver to the early light (early light baby)

Slow it down a bit, get your face all yet drown in it)
No doubt, the opposite of '96
(You turn me on sugar lick your lips)
Girlfriend, keep it right there, face down with your hands in The air

Watch my rocks
What's my M-O?
(Always hot)

As for my flow?
(It don't stop)
Am I good to go?
(Not my loss)

Hook: Keith Sweat

Nobody can freak me like you
Nobody can freak me like you
Nobody can freak me like you
Nobody can freak me like you

Kitty kat ain't nothin' but skin and bones
You could flip it, lick it, or leave it alone
You could grip, trick it, to each his own
(I'll make your manhood shine like chrome)

What?, you could work me out
(I told you my ex-man turned me out,
Held me till I melt it down)
Pound for pound I could freal 'em out

Lover zone
(Unplug the phone)
You we're out when ya mom and I home
(Stop, I'll shut you down, round and round, round and round)

Work it out now, c'mon, here's your reward
All aboard!
Word up, you can't get up, I'll leave your black cherry all split up, uh


(Ooh all that drama sound real good, love to ride you)
Wish you would
(Yeah, but you won't call me back,
Man can't take it when it's squeezed like that

I bite back, re-mat, strike that, a real live player won't do me like that)
True, what if I strip for you, dance on the bed while you under my leg

Would you suck your fingers, start to beg, or would you crawl like a tiger and give me some head
Either way you can have it your way
(Four play all day)

A.K.A. John Mickens, so I won't be trickin'
(We doin it, and doin' it, and doin' it well
But you ain't gettin' shit till I hear weddin' bells)

Hook (2x)

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