Juvenile - What's Up (featuring Wacko, Kango Slim) Lyrics

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(Verse 1: Skip)

Its only 5 seconds till' we blow up
4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - boom, hold up
Skip, you all pickin' that cotton?, no sir
I'm in the back with your daughter trying to poke up
Why do you think there's chicken and watermelon (why)
Cuz the beef it come easy and be hard to sell it
See I got some right now and you all can get it
Enough shells in this b**** to make you bargain wit it



UTP done shipped gold
So they done re-ordered
Saying we harder
Not even MTV trying to be bothered (what !)
Now we pardoned the whole program
Do you have grey poupon no ma'am
Play your hand, I'ma do me
And that "U" and Juve, thats UTP

(Hook - Kango Slim)

UT Piggidy stay smokin that biggidy
Me and my niggadies got this b**** of the higgady


What's up 10x

(Kangol Slim)

UT Piggidy stay smokin' that biggidy
Me and my niggadies got this b**** of the higgady

What's up 10x

(Verse 2: Wacko)

Damn skip, its hot in here
Somebody got shot in here
How'd you get that glock in here
They shootin' !, like Nas in here
Me and my n****z never pop the air
We'll pop ya hair
Leave holes in a Roca Wear
Shit bad gone stressed in a rockin' chair
Or Up in ICU, they got doctors there
We the reason why the choppers here
And them drops is here
Why them minks and them in there
Damn Juv, you even runnin' shop in here?
Watch yourself, they got undercover cops in here
See you peepin' out the glock a wear
It's some hot look here
I can stash 10 shots in here
Flew to NY you know I to cop from there
On 1 45th and broadway, its proper there


(Verse 3: Juvenile)

I guess I'm the bad guy in this movie
Dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun, here comes Juve
My courtway don't have no lights
We don't have nothin' but shootouts and murders we don't have no fights

You know
Give me the chance I'ma show you a lick
Have a gift wrapped packet sent south to his b****
Robbin' face dear diary
I'm lookin' for a way out, believin' in the gun but I know one day its gon' play out
F**kin with them, this is UTP day now
When we hit the projects n****z know to bring them K's out
Weapons in bags stay close to the stash
My b****'ll put it in her pu**y when the po-po's pass
They gon'f*** with me anyway cuz they know my past
The really don't appreciate the way I brag
I got 50 000 dollars in my grill cuz I spit jewels
Worry bout' me, I'm not concerned bout what a b**** do


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