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I'ma T.C. solja, New Orleans stunna
If a B**** leave me, I'ma take every thing from her
Leave while ya can, or ya mom will pick ya rum up
I'ma find me some new pu**y, and buy me a Four-Runner
I walk wit a limp, cuz my nuts heavy
And I like it from tha back so hold your butt steady
I know I got some big lips, but I ain't trippin'
Lil Momma I love pu**y, but I ain't lickin
Now prepare yourself for some new dick'n
You don't want it girl?, you don't know what u missin
I'm tha baddest boss nigga walkin
You ain't heard I got a team of head busters waitin' to give me tha work

I gotta few in tha East Coast, a few in tha West
Down-South to Mid-W, wassup to tha rest
Can't forget about tha ghetto, where they strugglin' in debt
No matter what I do dawg, I love my set

(Hook Juvenile)

Wodie, Wassup, Wodie, Wassup
Set It Off in this muthaf**ka
Wodie, Wassup, Wodie, Wassup
Set It Off in this muthaf**ka
Wodie, Wassup, Wodie, Wassup
Set It Off in this muthaf**ka
Wodie, Wassup, Wodie, Wassup
Set It Off in this muthaf**ka


That Nig-gidty Nig-gidty Nile's in this B****, get right
Fuck what u heard on tha streets, it's CMR for life
Still ridin on dubs, sippin brown and white
Jump stupid if u want, B**** we gone clown tonite
We got 25 choppers in tha V.I.P.
Cristal, a 40 of Jack and a pound of weed
And I know u waitin for me to get drunk, and follow me home
Picture what I'm gone give to you, a shot to yo dome
F**kin' wit yo boys and all that talkin, they gone get hit too
I'm really not givin a f***, as long as I get u
Jamie, Fresh, Joe, Bubba
Ya gotta admit ha, Juvie a motherf**ker
I'ma general, executin' tha plan
Got a vision of that 3rd Ward rule'n tha land
Comin' up on hoes, tellin them to jump in the van
Mommy please come break off just me and my man



55% of these niggas is fake, tha other 45% be handlin' they weight

55% of these women is hoes, tha other 45% be playin' they role

Mr. Officer, Mr. Officer, take these muthaf**kin' cuffs off of us
We kill nobody in this car, but us
And ridin on 20's is tha law for us
I ain't from France, but excuse my french
Fuck ya if ya hatin' n**** save that there
I been dealin' wit you B****es from why way back then
Plus I kept a fire ducked off to lay back in
You say my momma played me and J be tight
Juvie takin' care, so everything alright
B****es see tha sliver wit tha phat ass pipes
Bein followed by some niggas on some bad ass bikes


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