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Said on my real
I like them lovely ladies just like this (2x)

Baby all week, I've been sayin'
You need to open up
'Cause girl I think I've been patient
For long enough

I ain't never been the type for holdin' in
Or holdin' out for sex

But lady I guess I see you as different
But girl I can't hold it no more


Take my love, it's yours
Baby I can read your mind
You want my love

You want it all through the night and
Baby I, I'll get it to crackin'
Your body wants more
And I've put in so much time
Just give me your love, every bit of it
Baby I, I can make it happen.

Baby tell me, tell me what makes you happy
Watch me while I make it happen
Whatever it is I'm for giving you
All of my love

Baby, hold up because I've got some more
And your body deserves it all
I've got everything under control
Take my love


I can tell when we kiss
Ooh you like it
And the more I do this
You get excited

And I promise it gets better
There's somethin' I want to tell you

Relax while I go deeper baby, deeper baby, deeper baby
In a second I'm about to reach your favorite spot
Give you all I got

There it is
Baby, won't you take my love


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