Ice Cube - Go To Church (featuring Snoop Dogg) Lyrics

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(Snoop Dogg)

N**** you need to stop snitchin!
All that yip-yappin and jaw-jackin
N**** if you scared, go to church
You knew the job was dangerous when you took it

Whattup it's the big boss Dogg
Snoop D-O-double-G, Eastside L.B.C.
And I'm bobbin to the beat of my O.G. homeboy Ice Cube
And I'm C-walkin on the motherf**kin concrete

(Intro: Ice Cube)

Yo if you're f**ked up, put your cups up
Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg, N**** what's up
See he's a gangster, I'm a hustler
Yo it's either thank ya, or it's f**k ya

(Ice Cube & Lil Jon)

I'm down with Lil Jon ain't got to pretend (YEAH!)
"Crunk Juice" N**** run the club that you in (HEY!)
You scary motherf**kers don't wanna bring the ruckus (NAH!)
You just spend all your time in the club tryin to duck us (WHAT?)

And if you walk by N****, I'ma knock fire N****
From yo' ass, you can come try N**** (HEY!)
In the hood, all the way down South (YEAH!)
I ain't Mike Jones, keep my name out'cha mouth b**** (Mike Jones)
We can get it crackin' if it get to clickin' clackin''
Look at Mr. Jackson, N**** with no reaction
If you scared, go to church, we gon' hit you where it hurts
That don't work, we'll put you in the dirt
Cause a whole lot of rappers make a whole lot of noise (hey)
Lyrics full of steroids, N****z paranoid (hey)
And when you get that blowup, it make you throw up
When you realize your favorite rapper ain't got no nuts

(Chorus 2x: Ice Cube & Lil Jon)

If you a scared motherf**ker go to church (GO TO CHURCH)
If you a gutter motherf**ker do your dirt (A DO YOUR DIRT)
If you a down motherf**ker put in work (A PUT IN WORK)
IF you a crazy motherf**ker go berzerk (A GO BERZERK!)

(Snoop Dogg)

Click clackin', pistol-packin, Crip raggin folio
Who the only N**** in the club with the toolio
You ain't know? Yeah you did; there it was, there it is
"Is that Coolio?" Naw b****, let me in
Jibba-jabba snatcher get at ya, spit at actors & rappers
Hang out with kidnappers and jackers
Make money off crackers; can you imagine how I keep shit crackin?

It's the big boss Dogg I'm back in action and smashin'
I flash with the bling I sur-pass the supreme
You don't really wanna have a clash with my team
I mix hash with the green I'm the, last of the kings
If I got a b**** with me she got ass in them jeans
Rollin through yo' neighborhood, my Cadillac so clean
Servin all you suckers cause you all dopefiends
Just like that dopeman, N**** what's up?
You run up with that bullshit I'll f**k yo' ass up


(Lil Jon: repeat 2x)

You scared, you scared
You scared motherf**ker you scared
You scared (you scared) you scared (you scared)
You scared motherf**ker you scared (you scared)


(Ice Cube & Lil Jon)

It goes one for the money (HEY) two for the show (YEAH)
Three for the p****, fo' for the glow (HEY)
Five for the rookies, six for the pros (NAH)
Seven for the numbers of them f**kin zeroes (WHAT?)
Eight for haters, nine for the cause
Ten for my N****z, behind big walls (HEY)
F**k these devils, and they laws (YEAH!)
Never question the size of Ice Cube's balls

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