Hall & Oates - Do It for Love Lyrics

I would fly ten thousand miles in the pouring rain
Just to see your face
I'd bare my soul to a total stranger
Just to say your name
And I'm not ashamed
Just to love you into every morning
I would change my name
And run away


I won't do it for money
I won't do it for pride
I won't do it to please somebody else
If it don't feel right
But I'll do it for you
And at least I'll try
I don't need any other reason
If I feel it deep inside
I'll Do It For Love

I would write your name across the sky, so the world could See What you mean to me
I'd sing songs at the top of my voice in an empty room
Just to dance with you to love you into every morning I'd Leave the world behind and slow down time

Repeat chorus

What I do for love can take us anywhere at all

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