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Hang On To Your Life
The Guess Who
Written by Burton Cummings and Kurt Winter

Thinkin' 'bout the people gone by
Screamin' that I don't wanna die
Well you can push your head
But don't you push it too far

Thinkin' 'bout it's here and it's real
Wonderin' how I really should feel
Well you can sell your soul
But don't you sell it too cheap

Hang On To Your Life
Hang On To Your Life

(Lead Guitar)

Thinkin' 'bout betrayin' a friend
Thinin' 'bout delayin' the end
Well you can ride the wind
But don't you ride it too high

Hang On To Your Life (11x)


They gaped upon me with their mouths
As a ravening and a roaring lion
I am poured out like water
And all my bones are out of joint
My heart is like wax
It is melted in the midst of my bowels
My strength is dried up like a potsherd
And my tongue cleaveth to my jaws
And thou has brought me into the dust of death

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