Gina Thompson - The Things You Do (featuring Missy) Lyrics

Don't go, the things you do to me
Makes me happy, so don't you take your love away

The things you do makes me, keep runnin, to you (Repeat 4x)
Every little thing
Aowwww... keep on

The way that you walk
The way that you talk
The way that you, give your love to me
Don't ever take your love, away baby don't you go-ohhh


Yo n**** what you taggin? You ain't rea-dy, for Puff Daddy
Beware, how dare he make the remix so deadly (that's right)
Pizzzow, Gomer be my Pyle like Sha-zam
Hee hee hee hee how, hee hee hee hee hee hee how
I run it to you like shoes oh you moves
And I chose from the fly things check it that you do (ehehehe)
Peruse, you dudes Can't You See like Total
Kissin'you got Gina runnin for the bo-rder
BRRRRRRR-click me on my car phone
And if you got the hydro then me and you can roll
Ohh, we can take a stroll on the beach
But Bad Boy (Bad Boy) don't take the love away from me
(That's right)

The things you do akes me, keep runnin, to you (Rpeat 2x
(Say what, say how say what, say how)
The things you do makes me, keep runnin, to you (Repeat 2x)
(Regret, haha, Gina, say what, say how, say what)

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