Gerald Levert - Catchin' Feelings Lyrics


Um, la da da
La da da
Catchin' feelings

I'm catchin' feelings
I'm catchin' feelings
I don't think I can deal with
Hollarin' at cha and you not hollar back
Leavin' messages on your phone
And you don't hit me back

Catchin' feelings
I'm catchin' feelings
I don't think I can deal with
Knowin' you're layin' up with somebody else
I don't want you for my friend
If I can't have you for myself

A friend of a friend introduced us
Had some drinks and some laughs
Told me about your man
I told you 'bout my girlfiend

You said he made you happy sometimes
(Catchin' Feelings Lyrics on
But it's been way too much time and work
And his family worked your nerves
Baby mamma was a jerk

And his kissin' was the worst
But you still loved him
So we agreed to meet next week
For conversation and some drinks
But baby girl, I think

(Repeat 1)

You brought your man the next week
That didn't sit well with me
But our other friends made it easier
For me to be in your company

You said hey, that's my jam
But your man didn't wanna dance
So I took you by the hand and led you to the dance floor
The closer we got, I started feelin' hot

Ooh, I know you feel me girl, how embarassing
But you didn't push away
You pulled me close to your face
Whispered this is wrong

We stopped before the end of the song

(Repeat 1)

I met many a woman
But never felt this way
You had me wide open
The first time I seen your face

I can't be around you
And know you're not mine
So if you really love him
Tell me, am I wasting my time, oh

(Repeat 1 until fade)

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