Gene Pitney - If I Didn't Have a Dime Lyrics

If I didn't have a dime,and I didn't take the time
To play the juke box
Wh0a-o-o Saturday night would have been a
Sad and lonely night for me

And if you weren't standing there
Ruby lips and golden hair, beside the juke box
Whoa-o-o I'd have lost my chance to hold
You while you danced with me,umm hum

While the records turned and turned
We danced and learned, our hearts had
Yearned for this
Neath the moon we walked and walked and
Talked of love, and then we kissed

Now with every sweet caress
Oh my darlin' have I blessed that
Little juke box
Whoa-o-o love songs that they sing
Wouldn't mean a single thing
Even though you're standing there
Ruby lips and golden hair
If I didn't have a dime and I didn't
Take the time to play the juke box

Repeat last verse

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