Garland Green - Jealous Kind of Fella Lyrics


Jealous kind of fella
Hey, hey, hey

What a day, I think I called my baby today
Hello baby, please don't be too mad at me

Because I punched that guy last night
But let me explain, before you say anything
I ought to know just like you said
I'm having that jealousy, goes straight to my head

And I apologize, so please don't cry
I want you to know this is one sign that I love you
Love you, I'm just a jealous kind of fella


You see, there's another thing
I know I embarrassed you baby
And I'm so ashamed, yes I am, mama
Oh and ever since we've been together

You've given me more happiness than anything baby
Yes you did, mama
If you're still mad or upset
Those things I can't accept
'Cause it hurt me, 'cause it hurt me

You've got me out of my head
'Cause I love you, love you
I'm just a jealous kind of fella

Chorus with AD Libs

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