Fat Joe - I Won't Tell (featuring J. Holiday) Lyrics

(Fat Joe)

Baby you can keep a secret
Kills mania
Hey, hey

Fresh off the runway
Pail white nights
Venom top drops on the I nine five
Pinksee suckers who hobber I roll my way to party at

Now I ain't gotta tell you that them boys pop bottles
But mami's lookin' like Americas top model
She says your earing look at that thing thats even bigger than the rock on my ring
Now she gotta man who plays to the horks

I like common ma you know me run New York
Jays in the background put u to bed
Says you got brains so I'm looking ahead

Then I'm looking for bread I gotta eat on these streets
17-fives bout to halla at g'S
I'm a real G,
Real G's do real things
And I could keep a secret is the song that I sing


Baby girl I won't tell
If you don't want me to
Cause I gotta thing for you
I'll do anything for you

(girl anything for you)
Baby girl I won't tell
I'll never do bad to you
Cause Baby you got it

And you got me
I gotta thing for ya

(Fat Joe)

A material girl
In a material world
Ma cereal girls

What you know about having dinner on a jet
Make it back before the D'j's finished with the set
Now they call me the bird man

When I'm third a charm
I ride the wind like I'm from Okland yard
It's the crack man and he ain't got a

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