Faith Evans - Again Lyrics

Now I dun felt a lot of pain
And I dun seen a lot of things.
(I'm strugglin, And broken hearts, and fancy cars)
And even though my money changed,
I tryed my best to stay the same.
But you know with more money, more problems came.


If I had to do it all again,
I wouldn't take away the fame,
Cuz I know it made me who I am.
If I had to do it all again,
I've learned so much from my mistakes,
And thats how I know he's watching me.

In ATL I caught a case,
And the media tryed to say,
I had a habit, I couldn't manage, And I'm throwing my life away.
But everything ain't what it seems,
Just because its on TV.
Cuz they speculate, and exadurate for a better story.


Nobody knows what life may be
It might make you happy,
It might make you sad.
Everyone has a reason for everything
Thats why I keep believing,
What evers meant to be, Is gonna be.

Chorus 2x

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