Eugene Wilde - Here I Go Again Lyrics

Sitting down it's the end of my day...
Thought that I would call you up and say...
It's been soo, lonely without you here..
That I could cry.....
But, I'm saving all my tears..
And if I could'll know I'd hop a flight
Girl, I would kiss and hold you through the night..
We would have a quiet evening at home..,
Just you and I
All alone.....
I promised, I would not punish myself like this...
But, here I go, here I go , here I go Again.
My two-weeks always end up two-months...
I see relief in sight.
Don't worry....
It won't be long..
Before I come.
We Will always be together.
To right the stormy weather...
Verse II
I'm daydreaming
I'm thinking
Of you....
Trying to figure out
What to do...
I can't come back there
Empty handed...
I've got my dreams to fulfill...
As a kid we all need
A hero..
You we're the key
To unlock the doors..
To the road to my success...Not Fantasies..
You are more than a lover..
You are a Friend indeed.
So girl, don't you worry
Cause I will be there on the 8th..
Kissing, Hugging you Lady.,
You know I can't wait....
I'm Not saying this
Just to brighten up your day.
I can't wait to see your face..
Because, I adore you (yeah)
Can't you see it's True
Girl, I'll be dreaming
Girl, I'm thinking of You........
Yeah,ah yeah
Here I go
Here I go
Here I go, here I go, here I go again..
Here I go, here I go, here I go again
Here I go...

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