David Allan Coe - Please Come To Boston Lyrics

Please come to Boston for the springtimeI'm staying here with some friends
And they've got lots of roomYou can sell your paintings on the
SidewalkBy a cafe we're I hope to be working soonBridge:Please
Come to BostonShe said "No,Baby you come home to
Me."Chorus:She said "Ramblin' boy, won't ya settle down?Boston
Ain't your kinda townThere ain't no gold and there ain't nobody like
MeI'm the number one fan of a man from TennesseePlease come to
Denver where the snow fallsWe'll move up into the mountains so high that we
Can't be foundThrough "I love you" echoes down the canyonAnd we'll lie
Awake at night 'til they come back aroundPlease come to L.A., we'll
Live foreverThe California life alone is just too hard to bearWe'll
Live in a house that looks out over the oceanAnd we'll see stars fall from
The sky, livin' up on the hill

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