Curtis Mayfield - Gypsy Woman (featuring Impressions) Lyrics

From Nowhere Thru A Caravan Around The Campfire Light
A Lovely Woman In Motion With Hair As Dark As Night
Her Eyes We're Like That Of A Cat In The Dark
That Hypnotized With Love

She Was A Gypsy Woman, She Was A Gypsy Woman

She Danced Around And Round To A Guitar Melody
From The Fire Her Face Was All Aglow
How She Enchanted Me
Oh How I'd Like To Hold Her Near
And Kiss And Forever Whisper In Her Ear

I Love You. Gypsy Woman

All Thru The Caravan She Was Dancing With All The Men,
Waiting For The Rising Sun, Everyone Was Having Fun
I Hate To See The Lady Go Knowing She'll Never Know That I Love Her, That I Love Her

She Was A Gypsy Woman

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