Cosy Sheridan - Me and My Father Lyrics

You're just a little older than I might choose
Right between me and my father
That crosses my mind on slow afternoons
I don't let it get much farther
But I can't pretend I'm not still a little my Daddy's little girl
It's going to take a lot of sweet talk
to sell you as a safe bet for my world
More than your years, all the things of you I choose
Come right between me and my father

I have yet to meet the man where Daddy says
Here's one to hold onto
He wanted to bring home all the young men from the office
Find me someone concerned with financial losses
But I can't pretend Daddy's little girl
doesn't sometimes look out through these eyes
with a little fear of your world
More than your years brings you more than I'd like
Right between me and my father

If Daddy and another man were drowning in the water
there's never been much question
My daddy would get rescued by his daughter
till now I've been quite careful to make sure I never found
someone I might pull out first and let Daddy drown
Of course that's a metaphor
Daddy never knew what those were for
He looks at them the way he looks at you
One more misunderstanding, another thing standing
Right between me and my father

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