Clash - Ivan Meets G.I. Joe Lyrics

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So you're on the floor, at 54
Think you can last at the Palace
Does your body go to the to and fro?
But tonight's the night or didn't you know
That Ivan meets G.I. Joe

He tried his tricks that Ruskie bear
The United Nations said it's all fair
He did the radiation the chemical plague
But he could not win with a cossack spin

The Vostok Bomb the Stalin strike
He tried every move he tried to hitch hike
He drilled a hole like a Russian star
He made every move in his repertoire

When Ivan meet G.I. Joe

Now it was G.I. Joe's turn to blow
He turned it on cool and slow
He tried a payphone call to the Pentagon
A radar scan a leviathan

He wiped the Earth clean as a plate
What does it take to make a Ruskie break?
But the crowd are bored and off they go
Over the road to watch China blow!

When Ivan meets G.I. Joe

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