Cherish - Killa (featuring Yung Joc) Lyrics

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(C) Yo Joc

(YJ) Yeah

(C) I don't think they're ready for this one

(YJ) Cherish

They make me wanna lose control

(Yung Joc)

I'm in a wife beater, two seater, cruise control
Pull up and your girl might lose control
Not Playa Circle but a Duffel Bag Boy
Guaranteed they can't get enough of that boy


Saw him from a distance and I watch him make his way to the bar

He walked up to me slowly, whispers then he says I know who you are

I wanna get to know you
I can tell he was a player

But he knows just how to make ya, lose control
Somehow I knew


Shorty is a killa but I really want him
And I gotta have him, tonight
Straight heartbreaker, but it really don't matter
Cause I really want him, tonight


The way he licks his lips, am in a fatuated state of mind
He's so hard to resist, I gotta tell you baby boy you so fine
Just gotta have you
I can tell he was a player

But he knows just how to make ya, lose control
If you only knew

Chorus (repeat 2x)


It feels so wrong, that it must, it must be right
And I'm so high, don't wanna come down
Just let me fly

(Yung Joc)

Hey, Hey
Let me talk to 'em
My whips pushbutton on car keys man
Pop the top like a sardine can

Wrist stay flooded like New Orleans man
Lebron can't stop how I be ballin man
Yeah I'm pretty sure that you heard the rumors
Got big wood and some big Cahunas

I'm a pretty slick n**** like Rick-a-Ruler
Keep one eye open and my hand on that Ruger
I rock the Claudio, my shades Gazelle
I break hearts so heartbreak gon' tell

I treat your chick like a pair of Ones
Wear a ass out one good time in the slam

Chorus (repeat 2x)

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