Carrie Underwood - I Ain't in Checotah Anymore Lyrics

Where 69 meets 40
There's a single stop light town
And back when I was really young
Part of that burned down
On any given Friday nite
We'd drive a hundred miles
Between the Sonic and the grocery store
Laugin' all the while
With as many friends as I could pack
In my Daddy's Ford
But I ain't in Checotah anymore

My hotel in Manhattan
Holds more people than our town
And what I just paid for dinner
Would be a down payment on a house
I'd rather be tippin' cows in Tulsa
Than hailin' cabs here in New York
But I ain't in Checotah anymore
In a world of long red carpets
The bright lights of Hollywood
All the paparazzi flashin'
Can make a girl feel pretty good
You can get anything you want here
Except a Walmart store
But I ain't in Checotah anymore

I'm in a world so wide
It makes me feel small sometimes
I miss the big blue sky
The Oaklohoma kind

Where the Wildcats beat Iron Heads
Old settler's day and the Okra fest
After prom down at the bowlin lanes
Catchin' crape fish in Eufaula Lake
I ain't in Checotah anymore.

I'm in a world so wide,
It makes me feel small sometimes,
I miss the big blue skies,
The Oklahoma kind,
But I ain't in Checotah,
No I ain't in Checotah,
Oh, there's nothing like Oklahoma.

Where 69 meets 40,
There's a single stoplight town.

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