Bohagon - Wuz Up (featuring Diamond) Lyrics

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Do You Know Who I Am?

Who Am I I'm Bo Hagon The Life I Lived It
N***** Talkin Bout Hustlin And Ballin I Did This
Ain't Talkin Bout Movies I'm Tellin U Real Shit
Can't Talk, Haters Mite Try To Tell I Did Shit
U Can Catch Full Throttle On Hen And Remy Bottles
Gone Spend Couple Dollars On One Of My Hood Models
Cuz I'ma Play The Game However The Chips Fall
Bo Hagon Got The Streets Jumpin Like A Criss Cross
So F***, Hop In The Bucket And Haul Ass
Haters Mad Cuz The Tvs Don't Pop Out Yall Dash
If I Head To The Trunk It Done Went All Bad
I' Bout Grab A K And Spread Yall Ass


What' Hanninin'What's Up (What' Up) 8x

Ay Throw Them Deuces Say What's Happenin'
Princess I' Flashin
H*** hate Me Cuz They N***** Stare While I'm Passin'
Yea They Start Gaspin' Damn She So Sassy
I Can Spend Some Dollars You Still Won't Catch Me Laggin'
Pimp, Without A Passion For N***** You'll See Me Stackin' These
Figures And Make All Of These B****** Become A Has Been
Naw No Need For Braggin'
No Time For Naggin'
When U See Me In The Club Don't Hate Just Say What's Haninin'

Hey Baby Bien Aqui Papi What's Up
Wheres Yo Cash Pesos Fetti Cheese And Dollars
At Now Let Me See Yo Bucks
Watch Me Shake My Laffy Taffy For Them Suckas I'm That Hard
To Find Flavor
Sweeter Than A Watermelon And A Pack Of Now & Laters
Bubblelicious Thighs All Hexed Eyes When I Pass U
If Looks Could Kill Then I Be Trill And Bust U Like Some Caps,
They Ask U
Remindin' I'm That Good Shit I'm That Coke For The Fiends
Genuine In These Jeans I Keep Em Crawlin On They Knees


My Partna' I See U, Amiga , Compadre
Que Paso, Que Paso, I Keep Purp From Ese'
I Smoke To Him He Hate Me, Cuz I Carry A.K.
Real Killas Like Jon 'nem, Bankhead, Will Spray
Super Hero Thats What You Wanna Be Thats Real Dumb Man
Say What's Up To The Devil So We Can Still Have Fun Man
But I Stay Smokin, I Stay High.. Get Geeky Geeked Til The
Day That I Die
I'm Startin To See Spaceships On Bankhead!
What's Up Bo Hagon, Bankhead (Fa Bo)
Two Dollas And The Trappa Pulled A Blankcheck
Pulled Out All His Money Ain't Seen A Big Face Yet!


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