Big & Rich - Loud Lyrics

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Loosen up, shout it out, everybody in the house
Stomp your feet, clap your hands come on
Kick it with the band
We're all about tradition, we don't mind the twang
We've got just one condition now


We live it loud, we like it honkin'
The party won't be revvin' till we crank it to eleven
Get it rockin' our boots are knockin'
We're gonna say it proud
We love our country and we like it loud

Calling all the cowboys, don't be scared to make some noise
Think you're bad, thing you're strong, c'mon people bring it on
Calling all you sexy mommas, all the girls next door
Don't say we didn't warn ya, baby

Repeat Chorus

From out in California, New York to Tennessee
Come on if you're with us let us hear you scream

We like it loud, we like it loud, we like it loud, we like it, we like it

Repeat Chorus

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