BeBe & CeCe Winans - Lost Without You Lyrics

Day by day
normal reaction
You are my
Center attraction
Every beat my heart beats
is your song

From hurt and harm
you're my protection
The path I take
is your direction
'cause I know with you
I can't go wrong

Ever since that day
I asked you into my heart
My world has changed
So promise me you'll never part

I'm lost without you
So easy to see
I'm lost without you
And there's no letting go
So let me be the first to say
I'm lost without you
so don't ever go away

You pick me up
those times I'm down
you make me laugh
when there's no clown
no one else can love me
like you do

Heaven knows
that I'll proclaim
The love I feel
When I hear your name
There's no substitution
quite the same

Some say I'm crazy
and I'm acting insane
but there's no life without you
so I'll stake my claim


Love is sweet
and love is kind
Love will bring you
peace of mind and how do you know?
Well I'll tell you so
He won't ever go

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