BeBe & CeCe Winans - I.O.U. Lyrics

Verse 1:
When I saw You, I could see that
It was me You came to find,
By the smile that was on Your face.

Oh, and the pain in my heart,
Met the love in Your eyes and it went away.

When You told me it was true,
What You went through,
I tried to thank You,
But it was something no words could do.

I owe love, I owe love,
All my love, all my love,
I owe everything to You,
All of my life, You've given love to me.

I owe love, I owe love
All my heart belongs to only You,
The rest of my life I know I owe You me.

Verse 2:
Every moment,
'til the world no longer turns, could I repay You,
But I found where to start.

Everyday, every night,
This is what I write upon my own heart;
We both know...


Vamp 1:
I know I owe You me.

Vamp 2:
Since Your love has found me,
Never live without Your love.

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