Songs by Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys - The Call

Phone rings… Girl: "Hello?"… AJ: "Hi it's me what's up baby? I'm… Sorry listen I'm gonna be late tonight so don't stay… show more

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Rating: 4.00 (1 votes)

Backstreet Boys - The One

I'll be the one...… I guess you we're lost when I met you… Still there we're tears in your eyes… So out of trust and… show more

  • Rated 3.22 out of 4 stars

Rating: 3.22 (9 votes)

Backstreet Boys - The Perfect Fan

It takes a lot to know what is love… It's not the big things, but the little things… That can mean enough… A lot of… show more

  • Rated 2.55 out of 4 stars

Rating: 2.55 (95 votes)

Backstreet Boys - Time

I know that I, I can't believe… Just what the past has brought me… To the man I wanna be… I know that we have had some… show more

  • Rated 2.26 out of 4 stars

Rating: 2.26 (39 votes)

Backstreet Boys - Yes, I Will

I open my eyes I see your face… I cannot hide I can't erase… The way you make me feel inside… You complete me girl,… show more

  • Rated 2.88 out of 4 stars

Rating: 2.88 (8 votes)