Anthony Hamilton - Sista Big Bones Lyrics

Verse 1

Some day I'll be walkin' along
And you'll step on the scene where I be
Hopefully you'll be touched be my charm
And the words of this song will lead the way
Bright eyes, and bangs, soft hair, earrings
Just a few of the things I like about you


Sista big bones
Can a brotha walk you home
Look like a plate of neckbones
I'd like to keep yo' body warm

Verse 2

Frankly I admire yo' style
How you go into work everyday
Confidence, in yo' walk and yo' stride
Got my nose open wide miss thing
I'd like to take you on a nice date
Shoot some riddles have some vittles with you
Make no mistake I'll be a gentleman
Take yo' coat, open doors things I'll do



I'd like to dance with you
Hold hands and walk with you
Sing songs and stare at you
Miss thing, miss thing hey

Chorus 3x with adlib

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Sista thickness
Get down wit it wit the quickness
Hope you won't forget this
Put me on ya gift list

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