Anthony David - Words (featuring India Arie) Lyrics


I believe that
Heaven must be like this
Ray of sunshine
Kissed upon your skin
Just say you love me
Make my day go good
Pot of gold at the
End of the rainbow

Can't tell you nothing you ain't already heard
No matter what I say it's nothing but words
Just let me prove to you what I know is real
Let me express to you the way that I feel


I believe that
Love is synonymous
With heaven
Such a sensual bliss
The way you touch me
Makes this life so good
A reward at the
End of the long road



AH (Repeat 4x)


Fairy tales can be
Real if you just believe
Got my mind made
I don't plan to leave
'Cause you we're meant for me
Simple that may be
Why be complex
Loving you is so easy


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