Alicia Keys - How Come You Don't Call Lyrics

But all I want to know baby is if what we had was good.... (ohhhh oh oh oh)
Just pick up the phone Damn!(ahhhhh... yeah babe)

I keep your picture upside my bed (umm)
And I still remember everything you said (umm)
I always thought our love was so right
I guess I was wrong (ohhhhh)
Always thought you'll be by my side
Pappa, now you're gone (and I'm not trying to hear that shit)
What I wanna know baby, if what we had was good
How Come You Don't Call Me ,.. anymore

Still like a fire on a rainy night (didnt think that did you)
I still like it better when you holding me tight.. (ya know)
Everybody said,everybody said that we should never part (unnn....nooo)
Telling me Baby Baby Baby why
Why you wanna go and break my heart ( hey hey hey heyyy)
All I wanna know is baby if what we had was good
How come you don't call me anymore

Sometimes it feels like I'm gonna die
If you don't call me pappa
Ohhhhhh you got to try
I'll get down on me knees hopeing you please
Pleease (ohhh oh) hoooo won't you call me sometime pappa

(you know its just one lousy quarter)
Why don't you call me (anymore)
Why on earth can't you just pick up the phone
You know I don't like to be alone
How come you don't call me (why must you touture me)
How come you don't call me (UNTIL FADES)

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