Alabama - Love in the First Degree Lyrics

I once thought of love as a prison
A place I didn't want to be
So long ago, I made a decision
To be footloose and fancy-free

But you came and I was so tempted
To gamble on love just one time
I never thought, that I would get caught
It seemed like the perfect crime

Baby you left me defense-less
I've only got one plea
Lock me away, inside of your love
And throw away the key
I'm guilty...of love in the first degree

I thought it would be so simple
Like a thousand times before
I'd take what I wanted, and just walk away
But I never made it to the door

Now babe I'm not beggin' for mercy
Go ahead and throw the book at me
If lovin' you's a crime
I know that I'm as guilty as a man can be


Love in the first degree (oh-oh yeah)
Love in the first degree
Oh Yeeeaaaah!


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