After 7 - The Heat of the Moment Lyrics

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There comes a time in every man's life
You're gonna do wrong
I made a mistake girl just let me
Just let me explain

I can't believe it
Although I did it
I've never been that kinda man
I must admit it
I wasn't with it
But you we're the best i've ever had

Right now I'm going thru some changes
I've always thought i was
A faithful kind of man
I never thought I would be tempted
Baby you licked my lips
And I said right now right now


In the heat of the moment
Baby I lost my head. lost my mind
Didn't know what to do
In the heat of the moment
Baby I fell in lust with you

Now that I've done it
Oh how I want it
But I've got to be a stronger man
I love my lady
Can't lose my baby
Cause if she knew
I'd lose everything I have

Don't want to go thru no more changes
From now on I promise I will be a better man
But here you are again temptin'
Aby when you lick my lips. I said
Right now, right now

Repeat chorus 2x

Baby baby you've got to slow down
From now on I promise I will be a better man
Now now I know that you know
That we can't carry on like this
Girl stop just stop
Baby when you kissed my lips, I said
Right now right now

Repeat chorus 3x

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