98 Degrees - Heaven's Missing an Angel Lyrics

I hope the Man upstairs
Isn't mad at me
'Cause I have one of His angels
And she's here with me
When I see her precious smile
And she spreads her wings
It takes me to a place where love
Meets eternity

Oh, no
I'm not letting go
I don't want to be alone
In this crazy world
Oh, Lord
How I love her so
And I'll sacrifice it all to have her
In my life

I found my girl
I'll tell the world
That Heaven is missing an angel
My dreams came true
When I found you
Yes, Heaven is missing an angel

Not a day goes by
That I don't thank God for you
He blessed me with my angel
Though I don't deserve you
Until I found you, girl
Lonely was my best friend
Now that you are in my life
I am stronger within
I can't wait to kiss my angel
Late at night
And watch her go to sleep
Until I see her rise

(Repeat chorus)

All that I do is for you
Me without you, girl, just won't do
Oh, no
Your love's all I want to know
Angel, don't you ever go
Life won't be the same without you

(Repeat chorus)

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