2 Hyped Brothers & A Dog - Doo Doo Brown Lyrics

Gimme the track

Everybody on the floor
Just pause
Somebody in the middle
Just move

Get on down to the groove
(Doo Doo Brown) Brown
The brand new brother in town
Yeah, boy, dope sound (Doo Doo Brown)

A brother that's so damn cool
Never get played for a fool
Now it's my turn to rule
(Yo, man, Doo Doo Brown in the house)
Bad like Michael Jackson ever had
(Yeah, Doo Doo don't
Sport no Jerri Curl juice
Yo, Doo Doo, tell 'em what you're all about)
(Doo Doo Brown)

Don't drink Pepsi, always Coke
(You got the right one, baby)
That's right, dope (Doo Doo Brown)
Yo, Doo Doo, man, what you got for me now

(Doo Doo Brown)
(Doo Doo Brown)

Chilling outside in the dope Jeep
Four or five cuties in the backseat
Homeboys trying to get a peep
Rolling deep

Dope system kickin'
Ladies in the back
With the popsicle lickin'
(Ooh, I love you, Doo Doo)

Buffed up wax back
Armor All down
Tell him, homie
Who's in town
(That's my man, Doo Doo Brown)

The dance
Something that will
Put you in a trance
Now it's your turn to
Take a chance

You're rolling, Doo Doo
You're rolling
(Doo Doo Brown)

(Doo Doo Brown)
(Doo Doo Brown)

Let's dance

Enormous, enormous
Enormous, enormous.....

The brand new brother in town
(Yeah, boy, dope sound)

A brother that's so damn cool
Never get played for a fool
Now it's my turn to rule
(Doo Doo in effect)

Don't sweat it
If your body wants to do it
Just let it
(Here we go, here we go
Let's take it to the bridge)

And once you think
You've had enough
(Yo, yo, Doo Doo, hold up)

(Doo Doo Brown)
(Doo Doo Brown)

Yo, we have Doo Doo Brown
In the house live
Any y'all wanna talk to him
You can reach him at
1-900-976-Doo Doo

Two dollars for the first minute
Twenty five dollars
For each additional minute
(Doo Doo Brown)

You know why
'Cause we rolling like that
(Doo Doo Brown)

1991, We in effect
We coming on the raw scene
With the funky joe beat
You play Doo Doo short
(Doo Doo Brown)
You get busted

And let me tell you something
If you fly builder think you down
And not really down (Doo Doo Brown)
You gets none

And, yo, For you homeboys
That think you're all that
And trying to get with this
Act like a tennis shoe
And just do it
(Doo Doo Brown) peace

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