Kenosha County, WI Marriage License Information

If you plan to get married in Kenosha County, WI, or elsewhere within Wisconsin, you must complete a marriage license application. You can get your marriage license in Kenosha County or any other county throughout the state. Locations that distribute marriage licenses are typically located in the County Clerk office. Marriage licenses issued from Kenosha County can be used throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Where Can I Get a Marriage License in Kenosha County, Wisconsin?

Address and Phone Number:

Kenosha County Clerk
1010 56th St
Kenosha, WI 53140

Cost of Marriage License

How much is a marriage license in Kenosha County?

A Kenosha County marriage license can be bought for $70.00 dollars.

Residency Rules

Do in-state or out-of-state residents have different requirements?

In Wisconsin at least one of you must have lived in Kenosha County for the last 30 days. If that doesn't apply to neither of you, apply for your license in the county where your marriage will take place. So, if you're getting married in Kenosha County then get your marriage license from Kenosha County.

Waiting Periods

Once my application is submitted, when will I get my marriage license?

There is a slight 6 day waiting period following the submission of your application before you can get your license.

Once I get my license, do I have to wait to get married?

There is no extra waiting period once your marriage license is issued. You can go and get married in Kenosha County, or anywhere else within the state.

License Expiration Dates

How long will my license be good for after I get it?

Your Kenosha County marriage license will eventually expire if not used. You have 30 days to use it once it's been issued.

My marriage license expired before I got a chance to use it. Now what?

Your expired marriage license is no longer valid. You can get it reissued from the same Kenosha County office you submitted your original application to.

Age Requirements

How old do I have to be to get legally married?

You have to be at least 18 years old in order to marry without getting consent from a parent or legal guardian within Kenosha County.

What if I want to get married, but I'm under 18 years old?

If one or both of you are under 18, parental consent forms will have to be signed. Also provide a certified copy of your birth certificate.

Keep in mind that if you were not born in Wisconsin, you'll have to order your certified copy from your state or country of birth. If you were born in Kenosha County, WI, order your certificate from this county. Otherwise, order it from the WI county of your birth.

Blood Tests

Do I have to get a blood test?

No, blood tests are not a requirement for getting a marriage license in Kenosha County.

Divorced or Widowed

What if I've been divorced or am a widower?

If you were married before, provide the date of your divorce or the date your spouse died. Have a certified copy your divorce decree or death certificate in hand when you arrive to complete your application.

As with birth certificates, divorce and death certificates can be gotten from your local vital records office where the divorce or death was recorded. If it occurred in Kenosha County, get it from there. Otherwise, get it from the proper location in whichever state it took place in.

Marriage-Related Name Change

How do I change my name due to marriage?

When you get married, you'll be provided a marriage certificate (filed in Kenosha County) which provides proof of marriage and is the primary document used to facilitate the name change process. You'll use it to complete your name change across various government and non-government institutions.

You can make use of an online marriage name change service to get the process started, before or after you get married in Kenosha County or elsewhere in Wisconsin.

Proxy Marriages

What exactly is a proxy marriage?

Getting married by proxy means you'll have someone stand-in for you at the marriage ceremony. If one or both partners to the marriage aren't able to attend the ceremony, another person (known as the proxy) can take your place.

So, can I get proxy married in Kenosha County?

No, unfortunately you can't get married by proxy in Kenosha County or anywhere else in Wisconsin.

Common Law Marriages

What does common law marriage mean?

A common law marriage is an informal marriage that doesn't hold the same legal authenticity of a standard marriage. It's based on an accepted understanding between the partners that you're basically cohabitating.

Is a common law marriage a legal option for me instead of undergoing a conventional marriage?

No, Kenosha County will not issue marriage licenses for common law marriages. Wisconsin does not recognize common law marriages. Not even if you were common law married in another state. Very few states still do.

Cousin Marriages

Can I legally marry my cousin?

Yes, in Wisconsin, cousin marriage are permissible.

Same-Sex Marriage Recognition

Are same sex marriages legal?

Yes, Kenosha County will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Wisconsin recognizes same-sex marriages as valid as any other marriage.