Marriage Name Change Kit

The easiest way to legally change your name, since 2007

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  2. Step 2 Click "Generate"
  3. Step 3 Print Forms
  4. Step 4 Mail Forms!

What is this?

Getting married is complicated enough without having to spend hours or days stuck in the process of changing your name.

Our kit transforms the name change process from something that used to take several days into something that can be completed in as little as 30 minutes from the comfort of your own home.

Our legal name change kit allows you to quickly and easily generate the documents you'll need to legally change your name.

If you need to change your name, without spending countless hours waiting in lines and filling out forms, this kit was designed for you.

How does it work?

Our online name change program™ has been designed to be easy to use. You answer a few simple questions about yourself, and our software automatically generates all of the forms you need, saving you both time and money as opposed to doing it the old fashioned way.

Our built in error checking software ensures that your documents are properly formatted and authenticated. That means you'll never have to worry about having to fill out yet another form due to a typo or human error.

Why should I trust your name change kit?

We already have thousands of satisfied customers who have successfully used our name changing kit.

Beyond that, for nearly fourteen years has been a valuable resource for both brides and grooms. We provide assistance with wedding planning, baby names, music, speech crafting, even acquiring a marriage license.

Our name change kit is just one of the many services we offer. Our job is to make the marriage process as simple as possible. We take pride in the fact that people know they can trust for all of their marriage needs.

Can I just do it myself?

You can. In fact, the majority of our customers come back for our software only after realizing just how complicated and time consuming changing your name on your own can be.

It can be difficult, frustrating, and a lot harder than it needs to be. Our kit makes the process quick and easy, saving you countless hours of driving around or becoming frustrated with the process.

Our kit makes changing your name an easy process that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

How long do I have to wait to receive my kit?

You will be able to access your kit online immediately. You can start the process of changing your name in less than 2 minutes from now.

Can I change my name before my wedding?

Most agencies require a certified copy of your marriage certificate to process your name change, but there's nothing to prevent you from completing all the forms now and having them ready to mail following your wedding or honeymoon.

What about hyphenating my last name?

If you hyphenate your last name, you will still need to undergo the legal name change process.

What forms do you help to fill out?

Official government forms:

  • Social Security change of name and address.
  • IRS change of name and address.
  • U.S. Passport (There are 3 types, which we'll properly choose for you).
  • Drivers License & Vehicle Title/Registration.
  • U.S. Postal Service change of name and address.

Other, unofficial forms:

Banking institutions, investment accounts, credit cards, department store accounts, memberships, organizations, landlord, doctors, utilities, etc.

Do I have to complete all the forms at once?

No. We safely store all of your forms on our secure server. This means that you can fill them out all at once, or just do a few at a time over the next few weeks. You can take months if you want to. That's one of the reasons why people love our kit, you can fill out the forms according to your own schedule.

Is my information safe?

Your safety is our number one priority. All communications are automatically routed through a true 256-bit encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection. Only you can access your name change kit account using your unique username and password.

You can fill in as much or as little information as you're comfortable with. You can even opt to download and print the blank forms and fill them out by hand.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. Unlike other websites that store customer credit card numbers indefinitely, we don't store them at all: not even in a temporary state. We've been safely processing credit cards for over 7 years, without incident, through our merchant provider Authorize.Net. PayPal is also available for those prefer it.

Authorize.Net Merchant - Click to Verify

Are your forms up-to-date?

Yes. You can rest assured that our forms are valid and up-to-date.

Can I get this kit for a friend or spouse?

Yes. Our service makes for a wonderful wedding, engagement, or shower gift. You will find the gift form here.

What if I have questions or need help?

Feel free to contact us to obtain technical support. Questions are always answered promptly.

There's no need for you to worry about…

What to file

Our kit safely guides you through the entire process and tells you exactly what you need to file, with simple to understand instructions.

Searching for directions

Using our legal name change kit, you'll be able to handle the process from the comfort of your own home.

Filling out forms incorrectly

Our error detection software makes certain that you don't make common mistakes on your forms.

Providing the wrong credentials

Don't let the process overwhelm you. What used to be a long and confusing process is now quick and easy to understand.

Burning fuel

Save time, money, and help the environment by doing everything in the comfort of your own home.

Hiring a lawyer

Lawyers are expensive, and when it comes to changing your name, they'll leave a lot of the responsibility in your hands. Our name change kit is easier and much more cost effective.

Losing pay for taking days off from work

Don't let the name change process take over your entire life. Turn a process that used to take days into less than an hour with our name change kit.

Giving up in frustration

There's no need for frustration. Using our name change kit the entire process is quick, easy, and headache free.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed

60 Day Money Back Guarantee Here's our promise to you… If our name change kit doesn't save you countless hours of wasted time, if it isn't the most efficient name change solution you find, or if you aren't 100% satisfied for ANY reason, simply let us know within 60 days for a no questions asked refund. You have nothing to risk. Find out why thousands of people love our name change kit. Click the link below to get started instantly.


"It was very convenient -- everything I needed in one place!"

— Brooke Mistler

"Using the name change kit was easy. It was really nice having all the forms filled out for me. Changing your name is a daunting experience and I believe that this kit made it so much easier and faster. If I ever have to change my name again I will definitely use this kit."

— Dawn R. Ward

"With so much going on when you get married, this name change kit covered everything that you would need to do in order to make your new name official. I found the kit to be very helpful and it provided a great relief from my 'to-do' list."

— Heidi Hildreth

"This was a great product. Very helpful. Gave me all the paperwork I needed without having to search all over the internet to find out what my next steps are. So glad I purchased it, it made my life so much easier!!!"

— Michele Lee Cyrek

"[It] was so helpful in getting the correct forms and instructions for all the name changes I had to do. One of the most difficult parts of changing one's name and/or address is remembering all the agencies that need to be contacted. Your list of forms helped jog my memory for who I needed to send the new information to. I feel the Name Change Kit was well worth the price!"

— Sharon L. Woolman

"[It] was all inclusive and very easy to use. I was able to fill out all of my information on the computer and have all of the forms printed out and ready to turn in to the appropriate places."

— Kaari Carpenter

"With all the excitement surrounding the big day, and the thrill of being married and changing my name to my husband's, the last thing I considered-or wanted to think about- was the paperwork and time it took to actually change my last name. Being able to fill in a few blanks on the downloadable forms and just simply printing and mailing was an incredible help, and made the process so much easier! Thank you for all the help with this process, which allowed me to thoroughly enjoy my new husband and life without sweating the small stuff."

— Abigail Montero

"Having the name change kit from was invaluable! It made things go SO smoothly when my husband and I got home from our honeymoon! I had a friend whose name change wasn't official until 8 months later because she got paperwork all confused, so I wanted to have an easier way to do things when I got married! This was CERTAINLY worth the small fee and the peace of mind really made my wedding day so much simpler! THANK YOU!!!"

— Heather Gemmer

"Hi, thanks for all your help and support in providing the information and forms needed for my name change. It is a maze out there and you really helped walk me through it!"

— Grace Leen-Kuelper

"Having all of the paperwork right in the same place really saved me a lot of time and hassle. I was able to have everything filled out and printed when I needed it. Everything went into one folder and in no time I was officially Tamra Dougherty!"

— Tamra Dougherty

"It had been 27 years since I was last married. I forgot all the places that needed a name-change! This service helped me remember everything that needed to be done."

— Debbie Deichler

"The name change kit was very helpful. It made the whole thing so much easier. Thanks!"

— Megan Bailey

"I was very impressed with the quality and speed of this site. I am very pleased I chose this site for my name change documents."

— Jessica Maye

"I was prepared for what I needed to change my name because of the kit. It allowed me to get all my necessary documents together and got all my legal name changing completed in one day. The kit is user friendly and is an excellent tool for common questions brides have about changing their name. I was very pleased."

— Katie Jones Summerford

"I think that the convenience of having everything so readily available in one place was wonderful"

— Teresa R. Rapach

"After getting married in Antigua , I didn't even know where to start or who to contact in order to get my name changed when I came back to the US. The Name Change Kit was a huge help. It gave me step by step instructions on who I needed to contact and what forms I would need to complete. This saved so much time and made the experience much less stressful."

— Michelle Ellisor

"The name change kit made it so easy to organize and effectly get my name changed with a minimal amount of effort. I would highly recommend this to all brides, especially older brides who have more organizations to notify."

— Lisa Robertson Hawks

"Thanks so much for making all the paperwork involved in a name change practically effortless. No lines to wait in, and I got my new SS card and passport in time for our honeymoon. Thanks again for the great service!!"

— Peggy Norris

"I have been married for less than a month now and my name is already officially changed. From my social security card to my passport to my driving license. It was so easy with your kit and I'm happy i used it."

— Erin Hill

"This kit was so helpful because I have no idea where to begin when it came to changing my name. Your kit provided me the forms for everthing I needed and for agencies I never thought I needed to change my name with. I also did not have to go to every site or start calling all of the different agencies for information, your kit provided it all and answered all of my questions. Thanks so much for providing this service."

— Amy Lee Osgood

More testimonials…

"I was pleased with name change kit. It makes it easy to fill out forms and you know you have everything you need."

— S. Miller

"This site definitely made it easy for me. I had no idea where to start in changing my name ... becaues there are so many things to change. But this was worth the money. Everything was quick, simple, and formatted."

— Amy Mansfield

"This site made it easy to manage all of the paperwork to help expedite my name change. The process was simple and the forms were comprehensive and accurate. This made the final portion of our marriage process easy to manage."

— Jean Wright

"This is such a timesaver. After the wedding you're ready to relax and enjoy your new life, then you realize that you have to change your name on everything. The name change kit is professional and simple to use. I spent about 1 hour completing and mailing my forms and everything was officially changed within 2 weeks. Thank you wedding vendors!"

— Suzanne Derochea

"The Name Change Kit was so easy to use. Once I printed out my updated forms, I stuck the letters this kit made for me in with my montly bills and by the time my bills came the following month, everyone had updated my name. Before purchasing this kit, I had no clue who to tell or what to include in the letter announcing my name change but this kit made it idiot proof. I would recommend it to everyone!"

— A. O'Donnell

"By purchasing the Name Change Kit from your website, I was easily able to change all my needed documents - Social Security #, Driver's License, etc. It was so nice to be able to have all the forms I needed in one place, instead of having to hunt on individual websites, or stop in to pick up forms. Thank you so much for your help!!"

— Jennifer Schorr

"The kit I purchased definitely helped me. I will be utilizing the forms, etc after my wedding in Sept. Thank you so very much"

— Megan M. Skahan

"There is just as much work to do after your wedding, as before. This made my life so much easier!! I was able to come to the site and get all the paperwork generated in a couple minutes. All that was left was a couple stamps! I highly recommend this kit!"

— Jill Caffery

"Thanks for the help. Although this is something I could have done by myself--you made it pretty "idiot proof". It most definetly saved me time, which is the one thing I never have enough of!"

— Deborah Schorlemmer

"I found wedding vendors to be a great place to change my name. they were very helpful. They made it very easy for me to change my name after I got married."

— Kristen Vancina

" helped me out so much, I had no clue where to start with all of the places I needed to contact for my name change. Wedding Vendors provided everything, all you have to do is type & it puts everything in there for you. I was expecting this to be such a headache & it ended up being so easy & such a breeze. I would recommend this website to any new bride. Thanks Wedding Vendors!!"

— Brittany

"The name change kit from made the process very easy. It provided all the documents for changing your name through government agencies, some of which I would not have thought about!"

— Robyn Stowe

"This legal name change kit is a wonderful and logical solution to name change! Everything I needed to change my name with Social Security and the IRS to my doctor's office and local bank! I really appreciated the ease of filling out my information and having completed professional forms to download and print. All I had to do was mail them out! I had weeks worth of name changing forms filled and mailed in one day! What a time saver! I found this out on my own, but this would be a terrific gift for any bride-to-be. I have a sister-in-law who is being wed in October and this kit is going to be my gift to her."

— Mary A. Damiani-Cornelius

"The name change kit was so helpful and easy to use! In seconds I had every form I needed to change my name right at my fingertips, plus forms to send information off the the companies that needed to know my change of address and new name. It made my life so much simpler--a huge relief after all the stress and busyness of the wedding. Thanks so much for your very useful tool!!"

— Gretchen Ellis

"This name change kit made the process so easy. Everything I needed was in one place. I would highly recommend this package for anyone changing their name."

— Tyla Dahlman

"The Name Change Kit was so easy for me to do everything online, without leaving home! This was one less thing to worry about with the stress of planning my wedding. Thank you Wedding Vendors for making what I've heard is a nightmare into a dream come true!"

— Christen Prudence

"The Name Change Kit made the whole name change process so much easier. It was so handy to have all of the necessary documents in one place."

— Alexia Fountain

More and more testimonials…

They walk you through the whole process

"I am so happy I found this website! I will be getting married in a couple months, and being this is my first time, I had so many questions, from marriage licese to the name changing. They answered all of my questions I had and some I didn't know I had! They walk you through the whole process, and after you fill out your personal info, they fill out all the forms you need, you just have to print. Also having links to services in your own area helps so much. It takes all the guesswork out of it!! I have added this site to my favorites and will be back frequently for other services!!!"

— Heather Scalf

Had all the forms I needed

"Your kit was great. I had all the forms I needed when I went to have my name changed."

— Lisa Renee Hondros

Saved me alot of time getting everything together

"Thank You wedding vendors !!!! I received this name change kit before my wedding. It saved me alot of time getting everything together to get my last name changed to my new married name."

— Tina McIntire

I wasn't wasting a lot of time researching

"The name change kit was very easy to use and I was amazed that it gave me all the information that I needed to change my name. I thought it was going to be very difficult but this kit made it easy therefore I wasn't wasting a lot of time researching how to change my name."

— Stacy Stehle

Provides you with all the tools you need

"I highly recommend this service. It was very easy to use and provides you with all the tools you need."

— Lori Haglund

Got it doin in half the time

"Very helpful; got it doin in half the time & no hassels"

— Christina Amie' Burnham

This program made it nice and quick

"This program was so simple and easy to use. I was told that it was going to be a pain to switch all my documents to my married name. This program made it nice and quick. It also helped remind me of other documents that may need to be updated that I may not have otherwise thought of."

— Elena B Heller

I was able to take care of so many different things

"The name change kit was very helpful in getting and organizing all the forms I needed to change my name. It was easy because in one step, I was able to take care of so many different things!"

— Lori R Harm

It was so easy and quick to change my name

"After I was married last year, I had no idea where to start in the name changing process. Many of my family members and friends who were already married, told me that it's a long and tedious process. I searched online to figure out what I had to do and came across the Wedding Vendors website. After finding out that I could download all of my forms and have a step-by-step name change kit for such a nominal price, I signed up right away. The whole website was so informative and helped me from dmv information, social security and all of my other accounts. It was so easy and quick to change my name, I have already reccommended this website to my newly engaged friends! Within weeks I started to recieve mail in my new name and all of my accounts were changed. The whole experience was so easy, fast and painless. I also felt safe entereing in my personal information on the website. With all of the choices out there today, wedding vendors was an easy decision. Thank you!"

— Sarah Kathleen Thibodeau

Fantastic... It made the process very organized

"The name change kit was fantastic. It made the process very organized and I was able to get it done in a timely fashion. I've heard nightmares from people who couldn't figure out what forms to use etc...but with the kit everything I needed was there. I was even able to customize the forms for specific credit cards, loans, etc. I would recommend it."

— Julie Harutunian

One of the best things I happened to stumble across

"This name change kit was definitely one of the best things I happened to stumble across on the internet. I had no clue what went in to legally changing all my records, but this kit broke it down and made it as simple as possible. It was especially useful since my husband is in the Marine Corps and I needed to get a military ID but could not do that until I had changed my social security card. We were married on the 27th of August, I had my kit completed by the 29th, had my new social security card in hand by the 6th of September and had my military ID by the 7th. What could have taken months to complete was done in 2 weeks!!"

— Laurie Beth Spencer

This kit is great

"This kit is great! I was able to change my name with everyone in just one day!"

— Libby Miller

Made such a dreadful process so much easier

"The name change kit made such a dreadful process so much easier! Thank you for gathering all the necessary info and forms in one convenient site."

— Heather Johnson

I love the kit.. it made my life easier

"I love the kit.. it made my life easier.. All i had to do was print all the forms and I was set to go.. plus I didn't have that much time with planning the wedding and trying to find ways to change my last name.. the kit was great and I will highly recommended to anybody.... Thank you !"

— Thelma Henderson

Took a huge amount of stress out of my life

"The name change kit made this whole process must easier. I thought life would slow down after the wedding, but it was as hectic as ever. Not having to spend the time to research all places that I made name changes took a huge amount of stress out of my life. Thank you!"

— Jessika Jenson

Not time comsuming at all... Like i thought it would be

"Wedding Vendors provided me with all the information i needed to change my name. They also helped remind me of any places i wouldn't normally think of. Glad i bought this kit. It was very easy to understand and not time comsuming at all! (like i thought it would be) Thanks so much!!!"

— Randi Panetta Tobaben

It was easy and I felt secure

"I found the Name Change Kit to be extremely helpful. Being a bride can be a chaotic time during the final moments before the big day. The Name Change Kit made it easy to have all of the necessary forms ready when they were needed. It was easy and I felt secure knowing that the necessary forms were filled out exactly as needed."

— Mrs. Kiirsten Emond

Saved me alot of time looking for forms

"The name change kit made it easy to change my name with all of my credit cards and my social security card. I didn't even know where to start so I looked up name change on the computer and was one of the search results... It saved me alot of time looking for forms and wondering if I remembered everyting."

— Andrea Kauffman

Using the marriage tool kit was very rewarding

"Using the marriage tool kit was very rewarding. I was able to fill out all the necessary forms for changing my name in one swoop. That saved me a lot of time and effort. Thanks WeddingVendors."

— Regina A. Brown

Very clear and easy to use

"I found the program very clear and easy to use. It was definitely worth the purchase price!"

— Angela Dodson Miller

Was very helpful and simplified the process

"A friend referred me to this website for help with filling out all the forms required for a name change. The Name Change Kit was very helpful and simplified the process. It saved me a lot of time in an otherwise lengthy and frustrating process."

— Ashley Sedaghat

I did my name change in one day! On my day off

"Your name change kit was great! I have always heard from friends who got married..that the name change process takes so much time and is a bother. With your kit....i did my name change in one day! On my day off. It was fast and convenient. I have told my friends that are engaged now that Weddingvendors is the way to go."

— Angel Adams

This made my life so much easier... Great service

"This made my life so much easier. I filled out everything before hand and had no trouble when it was time to change my name! This is a great service to use."

— Denise Tadduni

I definitely found it here!

"After I got married, I was overwhelmed with all the paperwork that I knew I would have to fill out in order to get my name changed so I decided to take a look online to see if there was an easier way. I definitely found it here! This kit took something that had the potential of taking all day and had me done filling out paperwork in just a short while. I have all ready recommended it to my friends who have since gotten married!"

— Courtney Dixon

It took a great pressure off my shoulders

"When beginning the journey of preparing my wedding, I was completely overwhelmed with all that had to be done. I couldn't afford a wedding planner, so my mother-in-law, my mother, and myself were the wedding planners. I was searching online for information in regards to the process of a name change when I came across the Wedding Vendors site. When I went to the site, I was completely releaved of all the complications of getting your name changed. Everything you needed was in one package at a very affordable and worthy price. It was so simple too. It took a great pressure off my shoulders."

— Tessa Jean Walker

Really helped me figure out where to begin

"Changing your name can be a daunting task. The Wedding Vendors site was easy to use and really helped me figure out where to begin with the whole process."

— Keri Franks

I had all my name changing done in ONE DAY!

"I had no idea all the work that actually went into getting your name changed after marriage. I was so glad that I had purchased the name change kit! It was so helpful and thanks to it I had all my name changing done in ONE DAY! And I didn't forget anything! Thank you!!! Sincerely, Brenda Linden"

— Brenda Linden

"Fill in the blanks" technique made the process so easy

"I was very happy with Name Change kit. It was extremely helpful in reminding me what documents to use and the "fill in the blanks" technique made the process so easy."

— Melinda Dees

Made it very convenient

"Made it very convenient to get all of my paperwork in order to change my name with all important agencies. Took me only a few hours of actual time spent."

— Elizabeth Williams Nicholson

Extremely helpful... Made everything incredibly easy

"The Wedding Vendors Name Change Kit was extremely helpful. My sister was married several months before me and I saw how frustrated she was with the name change process. This kit made everything incredibly easy. I have already recommended it to several friends who are getting married."

— Kristy Griffin

You made this process alot less painful

"When I first got married, I was overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork I had to complete in order to make this official. But thanks to your Wedding Vendors, I was able to get most of it accomplished in an extremely short amount of time. You made this process alot less painful, thank you so much!"

— Deborah Goff

Very easy to use

"Very easy to use - would recommend to others"

— Jane G Brown

Very helpful... I needed to change my name quick

"wedding vendors was very helpful with changing my name. after the wedding i needed to change my name quick as i was leaving the country and had to get every thing in line fast. it was simple to fill out the forms. our trip went smooth and every thing was really easy to use."

— Rachel Turner

I would have never thought of this!

"I purchsed this kit because I did want to be bothered with calling every credit card company and every place that I had to change my name with. This service was so easy. You fill out some forms, print them all out, and send them away. It also helps with name changes on government issued documents. I would have never thought of this!"

— Sarah Rios

Extremely easy

"Wedding Vendors made changing my name after marriage extremely easy. I just answered a few questions and it filled out all the necessary documentation and told me where to send it. I will recommend it to others in the future."

— Larisa Sawyer

I appreciate the information and the guidance

"I think it was a great value for the money I spent. I appreciate the information and the guidance through a time that can be very overwhelming. Thanks so much!"

— Arielle I. Rohan-Newsom

I dreaded changing my name... Made it so easy

"My experience with Wedding Vendors was excellent. The Name Change Kit that I purchased was extremely helpful and so easy to use. I dreaded changing my name because of all of the companies that I had to contact, but Wedding Vendors made it so easy...everything I needed was right there in front of me. THANKS!"

— Karin Elizabeth Brenner

This was awesome!

"this was awesome! after the craziness of planning a wedding, the last thing i wanted was more research on all the different things i had to do for the name change. this made it so easy and fast. thanks!"

— Anne Geraci

Very neat and organized and comprehensible

"Everything was very neat and organized and comprehensible. Worth the money. I would definitely recommend Wedding Vendors."

— Jenny Chang

Great website... Everything was layed out for you

"This was a great website. Everything was layed out for you. There was no question of the documents that needed to be changed."

— Mary Taylor

Was exactly what we needed

"This service was exactly what we needed to breeze through the process of changing my name. I had enough things to worry about with the wedding, our vacation, and visiting family. Wedding Vendors provides a simple "fill in the blanks" form and does the rest for you. All we had to do was supply the stamps!"

— Anna K Millington

It was nice to have everything in 1 spot

"It was nice to have everything in 1 spot and have the documents pre-fill for us. We are still in the process of making the changes, but so far so good! Thanks for the service."

— Kit Butler

Loved it... Soooo much easier

"Loved it !! makes the paperwork soooo much easier."

— Lisa Powell

It was very stress free

"Using the wedding vendors kit made the name change process much easier. It was very stress free."

— Taletha Michelle Askew

Helped me out so much... Was fast and easy

"this kit helped me out so much. When i got married and even still planning the wedding i did not know where to begin or what i had to change. This name change kit helped direct me and gave me a list on what i needed to change. It was fast and easy."

— Amy Williams

Clear and concise

"The forms are clear and concise with good instructions on how to proceed."

— Christian Grames

A wonderful investment... Saved me precious time

"The Name Change Kit provided by is a wonderful investment. I never would have known where to start in this process if it weren't for the kit. It also saved me precious time. I've recommended it to all of my friends!"

— Hilary White

Much easier than I thought... Made it a breeze

"The Name Change Kit made changing my name much easier than I thought. The Social Security help especially made it a breeze! It filled in the form for me and everything!! I would definitely spend the money again."

— Elizabeth Brown Dossett Gootee

Was a HUGE help

"Wedding Vendors name change kit was a HUGE help. I am a teacher and do not have time during the day to run all over the city to get all of the name change forms that I need to change everything. It was a great help to be able to fill out the forms online and just mail them in. I hear friends say that it has taken them 6 months to a year to change their name after being married- mine took 2 weeks- one of them I was on our honeymoon!"

— Jena-Marie Rice

Makes the process much quicker

"Using Wedding Vendors made my part less complicated when it came to changing my name. It was nice to have all forms needed from only one source. They tell you what to fill out and who to send it to. And the electronic aspect makes the process much quicker. Thanks so much Wedding Vendors!"

— Jasmin Rupp

Saved what it would have cost me gas money alone

"This kit was well worth the small price I paid for it, especially if you work full time and do volunteer work and take evening dance classes and still want to see your new husband on an occasional basis! I don't know how you new wives with kids can juggle all these things - I see you every day and I'm always impressed. I salute you! I knew I had to go to several different institutions to change my name, and fill out forms, and pay money - but I didn't have the time or patience to hunt all this information down. Trying to find the same forms on some websites was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Trying to find time to find these forms and fill them out and drop them off - or, worse, wait in a line at the DMV or SS office to get a form, get out of line to fill it out, probably forget some crucial piece of information or documentation, and then get back in line with the finished form - um . . . no. Not on my ten-minute lunch break. This kit took all the hassle possible out of changing my name, and I probably saved what it would have cost me gas money alone trying to hunt down these forms and places on my own. Thank you!"

— Taryn Beth Morvillo Stewart

Was done... in about 30 minutes

"very informative and helpfull. was done with my name change forms in about 30 minutes."

— Lucia Proctor

Step by step process was great

"Clear, straightforward instructions with no inflated fees. Step by step process was great."

— Patricia Wheelis

Saves you time and effort

"Easy to use/self explanatory! saves you time and effort at a cheap cost! I loved it!"

— Janelle Renee Gallagher

A huge time saver

"I think that this kit is a huge time saver. I am planning my own wedding and do not have the time to sit down and hand write to every company about my name change. It's simple and convenience."

— Kimberly A. Rogers

Was a great experience for me... Highly recommend

"This was a great experience for me...made an overwhelming task very organized and efficient. I was prepared with the proper information as well as proper identification...Highly recommend."

— Dixie Lee Shepard

It was honestly a life saver!

"I'm getting married in one month from yesterday and I have been stressing about everything possible!!! Especially about how I'm to go about changing my name! I have so many things that will need to be changed once I am married, so of course after stressing for about 8 months I decided that I should browse the internet and get some insight, and I just so happen to run across this website. It was honestly a life saver! It was easy to understand, easy to fill out and the best part was that the information you enter gets filled out for you on all the necessary forms! You literally just have to print it! The best part was that I was given information that I really did need to know, time lines, phone numbers, processes.... It was awesome! I was very impressed, it saved me alot of time and stress! Not to mention is affordable & completely worth it! Thanks again for your help!"

— Amanda Pitsch

The guidance and support... will save so much time

"There are so many things that must be accomplished when changing your name.....your service has made that so much easier. The guidance and support, plus the capability to download the proper forms will save so much time. Thanks for all of your help and I will be sure to pass this helpful information to my friends. Sincerely, Karen"

— Karen Louise Moser

Saved me time and money and the dread

"This service saved me time and money and the dread of having to go through all sorts of searches and instructions by each and every institution, not to mention the fear of forgetting some important document if I had tried to make a list in my mind of everything I needed to do. Thanks for the great service."

— Amy Cahill

Easy and provides simple walk-through

"This service is easy and provides simple walk-through. It's also a great "reminder" on what forms one has to change. The layout is clear and concise, and the price is very reasonable, especially compared to other services."

— Franziska

It was a huge help!

"I had no idea where to start when it came to changing my name, but this site had all of the forms I needed all in one place. It was a huge help!"

— Clare Birmingham

I am very pleased

"This service was easy to follow and quick to get results. I am very pleased."

— Danielle E. Camino