Milton - Everybody Loves You Lyrics

There's times you holler and I get scared that there's a hundred watt amp in you somewhere you wear a gold dog collar and sometimes speak of love

There's times you're talking and no one's there and folks start looking but you don't care and when you're asked to leave it seems you sometimes stay but hey, everybody
Loves you that way everybody loves you you walk through rooms like a movie star but with a ten-foot cape and a tin foil bra and say that you're amazed at all the world but

When you stop and hold a frame of gold around your saddest face you're like a sixteenth century saint that hangs in France but hey, everybody loves you that way everybody

Loves you oh, when she's around there's such a light, it'd make you drop, drop down to your knees hold the phone let her speak I got a hellhound following me and she's the

One who could come, and finally set me free I think the same thing everyday everybody loves you that way everybody loves you there's nine hundred numbers and cheap
Massage celebrities drop down from the stars but when I'm lonely you're the only way I've been to ten years of college and big state fairs seen the world's shortest woman

And three wise men but nothing as profound as all you say but hey, everybody loves you that way everybody loves you you've got the strangest pets I've ever seen a
Rhinestone cat with rabbit ears the kind of beasts that come when they are called last night when you pulled away I kinda wished you'd come and stayed sometimes I feel
Quite sure I'm meant for you but hey everybody loves you that way

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