Lisa Frazier - Love Knows No Wrong Lyrics

Some never find it
Some throw it all away
Some swear that they can live without it
'Cause it's so hard sometimes to know you'll always stay
Even take the blame no matter how it hurts
And say it's just for now
And still believe that when you find it

Love knows no wrong when it's right
It's the promise of forever in your life
Those little things so big before
We never question anymore
Through thick and thin we're holding on
When it's right, love knows no wrong

I can feel your heartbeat
As if it were my own
I look into your eyes and find my dreams there
The way we feel each others pain's the sweetest joy I've known
Somehow something deep inside of me
Knew this was always meant to be
And now with you at last I've found it

Repeat chorus

Love like this, I thought couldn't happen anymore
We exist, part of each other

Repeat chorus

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