Kristina Conrell - Little Red Balloon Lyrics

Her mama took her shopping
Said "anything you please"
They Got dolls with pretty dresses
How bout' one of these

She said "all I want is a little red balloon
And a box of magic markers, the permanent kind
All the colors of the rainbow, that's what I had in mind
And a little ball of string, then we can go home"

She was sittin' on the window sill, looking at the sky
She said a little prayer and let it fly
I miss you dad, how are things in heaven
I wish you could of been here for my birthday
You know I just turned seven

I'm sending you this message, I hope you get it soon
I wrote it in big letters on my little red balloon

Four years ago last Sunday, the angels came to call
The family gathered in the kitchen
She sat crying in the hall
Holdin' on tight to her favorite teddy bear
He loved to tell her stories, he'd sit her on his knee

He taught her how to ride her bike when she was barely three
Now she only gets to see himin' her dreams
Now she talks to him as if he's there from the window of her room

Says "daddy when you comin' home did you get my last balloon"

I miss you dad how are things in heaven
I wish you could of been here for my birthday
I just turned eleven

I wonder if you've ever met the man in the moon
Is he the one who helps you find my little red balloons

Now that little girl, is all grown up
But she still finds the time to keep in touch
I miss you dad
How are things in heaven
I'm getting married next July
I wish you could of met him

What I'd give to have you here to see my dreams come true
I guess I'll just keep sending you these little red balloons
I miss you dad

I miss you dad

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