Keith Sweat - Get Up on It Lyrics

(feat. Kut Klose)
[Keith Sweat:]
I got something for the fellas this time around lady's want you
Tell them yo names

[Kut Klose:]
Intro Tabath Avina and Lavan

If you really really want it all you got to do is get up on it, If you
Really really want it all you got to do is get up on it

[Kut Klose:]
The time has come for us ooooh baby to get real busy baby oh yes it
Has ummmm and you don't have to be afraid of our love cause it want hurt you
Suga oh no it won't uhhhhho baby

[Chorus: repeat]

[Kut Klose:] if you really want itttttt
[Kut Klose:] getttttttttttt it yeah up on it
[Kut Klose:] baby do you really want my love

[Keith Sweat:] I like girl where we can get real freaky baby (all together) oh yes
I do baby
And I'm on my hands and knees You know I'm with suga (all together) girl I am
With everything you want to do sangggggggg

[Chrous: Repeat]

[Keith Sweat:]
If you really want it baby all you got to dogirl is get up on
This love of mine if you really really want it baby come on now girl i want
You to sang the song tonight

[Kut Klose:]
Boyyyyy yeah I know that this is it and I ooooooooo and I know that
I'm giving good love. my love a love that you can't resist baby that ain't that
Ain't bring it on if you really want it come on and get it get up on it oh oh
Oh if you really want it come on baby so baby yeah yeah yeah yeah see i know
That this it boy cause I'm giving you my love O boy I know i know i know I'm
Giving you all my love I know that you can't resist
Fade out I want you to take you time I want you to take yo time with me

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