Joe Simon - Drownin' in the Sea of Love Lyrics


I've been down one time
I've been down two times
But now I'm drowning, drowning in the sea of love

Let me tell ya all about it
I've been out here so very long, I've lost all my direction
Baby when you came my way I thought I'd found my protection

But a strong wind came into my life, surely took me by surprise and I can't seem to control these tears thats falling from my eyes

Listen to me
Baby I depended on you, for a love & affection
But now you gone and deserted me, can't you see that I'm in Desperation I'm in the middle of a bad love storm, ew yeah I just can't let it boy I looked around and all I could see, was water coming over me

All I do is cry, all I do is walk around and cry
But right now I'm drowning, oh I'm drowning in the sea of love but thats alright, I don't mind drowning for your love

Thats alright baby, hear me when I say it's alright
You got the kind of love that make me feel alright
You got the kind of love baby that make me cry all night long
You got the kind of love baby make me do things I don't wanna do and it's alright

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