Jennifer Lopez - The One Lyrics

Taking away
The fact that I care about you
It's just your ways, so sweet
Everything seems right around you
Did you know
That you had this calming way about you
In your touch
And I wanna know if I could be your girl

The one who puts her arms around you
The one who lays her head beside you
The one listens when you need it
When no one else sees, I can see it (your girl)
The one who knows when something's wrong
The one who knows your favorite song (your girl)
The one who all your family loves
The one you place us one above

I'm happy to day
In a lot of ways you've changed me
Makes me smile
When you said that you were glad the day you found me
I'm wishing away
Any harm that might ever find you
Heaven knows
I really feel, I'll always be you girl


Your girl your girl
I just wanna be the one who's true to you
I just wanna be the one who makes you smile
The one who holds you down
Your girl


The one who's true to you, and down for ya
The one who makes you smile and laughs witcha
The one who holds you down, I'm there for ya


I can be anything you need...

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