Ja Rule - Never Again Lyrics


Uh, you make a lot of mistakes in life
Those same mistakes keep callin us back, pullin' us in
What the f**k's wrong with n*****?


Never again would I run down a road so dark
And hoped to die,I cross my heart
Never again

It keeps callin, it keeps callin' it keeps callin'
Never again would I run down a road so dark,
Hoped to die, cross my heart

Never again (but the streets keep callin, they keep callin, they keep callin)

Never again will I look a n**** dead in his eyes and know he's dead wrong and don't leave him dead where he lies, it's a f**ked up world we live in

I'm tired of feelin' the pain but ain't fightin' the feelin'
N***** can you feel me? 'Cause in this world I'm alone, and trapped inside this body that's out of control

I'm hittin' these streets daily
Know when I got babies to feed rarely seein' 'em rarely
This game inhaled me, and like Christ on the stake, nailed me
God, please don't fail me but it's crazy to ask upon the Lord For help when I got guns to bust and drugs to sell
I see you in hell, muthaf**kas, I ain't bitter
'Cause I know snakes and snitches get it where they slither
My n*****, doin life in the pen
This gotta be what y'all thinkin' shit


'Cause these hoes keep callin, they keep callin, they keep callin' will I make you cry baby
You know I lie, you can see it in my eyes baby
But the truth is when a woman's fed up
There ain't a damn thing you can do about love
What about us?

Why must our lawyers discuss
Who gets the kids, who gets the cribs and how we should both live when I love ya, when we apart all I do is think of ya
But you think I'm f**kin everything that's walkin'
Either skirt or the thong it don't matter, 'cause in your eyes I'm done f**kin 'em all

I got a woman that's gone and a passion for b******
If you lose one the other becomes your religious
So what am I to do but get the wind behind me
Ground beneath me, make it hard for h*** to reach me
'Cause the Rule ain't easy
Babe, unless you're freakin please believe


But the game keeps callin, it keeps callin' it keeps callin'
Will I think these n***** friends and they foes
'Cause in this rap game, you never know, just let it go
My pain is love, my brain's on drugs
And may all my h*** thug on
And keep these punk n***** paralyzed, from the waist down
I got 'em face down is the equivalent of where I'm at now
Over the top of y'all n*****

Just a little quicker and smarter
Enhancin the game makin' it harder
For n***** that freeze again like Braxton
I be hittin' n***** with thrillers like Mike Jackson
I'm a problem

Number one with a bullet, I keep it up in my gun
It's hollow so when I pull it it numbs
Your whole body give it or take a few seconds
You'll probably, be the same n**** to d*** ride me
Never again would I close my eyes
And walk through the dark backwards blind


It keeps callin, it keeps callin' it keeps callin'
Never again

Chorus to fade

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