Gretchen Wilson - Pocahontas Proud Lyrics

I was raised in Pocahontas, Illinois
Everybody thought of me as one of the boys
'Cause I'd run with a crowd that was tough
At fifteen I was tending Big O's Bar
I'd sing 'til two a.m. for a half full tip jar
Spent my youth singing truth, paying dues


I'm the biggest thing that ever came from my hometown
And I'll be damned if I'm gonna let 'em down
If it's the last thing I do before they lay me
In the ground
You know I'm gonna make Pocahontas proud

I knocked on every door on music row
But they looked down at me and said "Girl go back home"
You ain't got what we need in this town

But they couldn't whup the fighting side of me
You know where I'm from we don't give up easily
Overnight took all my life to be found


At twenty-seven I had baby Grace
I was born again when I saw her sweet face
And I knew she was the greatest thing I'd ever do

Chorus 2x

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